Traditional Colomba (packet 1 Kg)

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Rau Arte Dolciaria S.r.L.

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Berchidda (SS)

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The Rau tradition continues to delight the most refined palates with authentic specialties, because our products carefully follow old-school traditions using simple and genuine ingredients. How does Rau´s Artisanal Colomba captivate?

Our product is prepared simply with only the best quality, freshest natural ingredients, crafted with care by our master baker. Heightened care and attention to detail are brought to every level of the production process.Scrupulous and rigorous selection of only the finest ingredients exalt the harmony of taste, fragrance and texture.

To achieve this, Rau uses only a master leavening agent, fermented and controlled at the bakery so that we can carefully extract what is necessary to create our typical and unique flavor and aromatics.

The leavening and hand-made production process takes 72 hours per Colomba, making each one light, tender and fragrant.

Traditional Colomba: fresh butter, eggs and the surprising flavor of candied fresh orange peel astound with the genuine simplicity of a taste reborn from days gone by.

It may contain allergens

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